Su 김

Su is our Senior Korean Hairstylist with more than 15 years of experience hair-styling in Seoul and Singapore. 

With years of adapting and creating new hairstyles, Su provides our customers with fresh and confident makeovers.

Chat with her about the latest styles from your favourite Korean dramas and personalities, and she will create your desired look to stand out from the crowd.

Come meet her and the rest of the team at Far East Plaza! Appointments gladly made at 6235 2234.


Jane 장

Jane is our Senior Korean Hairstylist with more than 13 years of experience hair-styling in Seoul, capital of Korea.

She specializes in creative hair coloring and elegant Korean perms that add natural volume and texture to your hair.

If you're looking for a new volume perm, elegant waves, or a vibrant new color, talk to Jane to find the most long-lasting & manageable style she can create for you!

Come meet her at Far East Plaza today. Call 6235 2234 for an appointment with us.

Volume Rebonding

Korean hair technology that leaves your hair soft and smooth. Frizzy misshapened hair becomes sleek and full of natural volume. Find out more.

Korean Perm

Create youthful bouncy curls that don't look stiff and unnatural. Our senior Korean hairstylists specialize in various volume perms. Find out more.

Coloring and Treatment

In partnership with L'Oréal Professional, we provide non-ammonia INOA color, highlights, ombré and two-tone coloring. We also provide Korean Color Clinic and Hair Manicure.