Volume Rebonding & Korean Perm 볼륨매직 펌

Volume Rebonding & Korean Perm 볼륨매직 펌

What is Volume Magic Perm? It is the trending hair service that produces soft natural waves sported by many in Korea.

You've heard of Soft Volume Rebonding, now take it up a notch with Volume Rebonding & Korean Perm 볼륨매직 펌!

A Korean Perm will achieve various types of curl shapes and sizes to add movement and texture to flat limp hair.

Popularly-requested styles are the C-curl and S-curl look. These styles add natural volume to flat limp hair.

Plus they are easy to maintain, which is great for the busy driven individual!

Add some romance to your hairstyle at Hair Plus Korean Salon! Our senior Korean stylists specialise in this service and are just one call away at 6235 2234 (Far East Plaza) / 6235 5883 (Suntec City).

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