Cinderella Protein Care 신데렐라 케어

Cinderella Protein Care 신데렐라 케어

Just like Cinderella, grant a dramatic transformation to highly-damaged hair with our new organic hair treatment. Introducing...

Cinderella Protein Care (신데렐라 케어)

  • Naturally straighten and restore healthy hair from frizz and damage
  • Replace lost hair proteins, for tresses that looks incredibly shiny, soft and voluminous
  • Certified organic ingredients, with no harsh cosmestic preservatives like paraben, making it safe and easy to apply on hair
  • Reverse damage caused by bleaching, excessive heat styling and prolonged sun exposure
  • Effects of 신데렐라 케어 lasts longer than other ordinary hair treatments

Intensely nourishing, long-lasting & organic.

Call 6235 5883 (Suntec City) / 6235 2234 (Far East Plaza) to ask about this transformative service Korean salons trust in repairing damage and restoring healthy hair.