Korean See-Through Bangs 시스루 뱅

Korean See-Through Bangs 시스루 뱅

Blunt bangs and side-swept bangs are popular hairstyles that add personality to your look. But they may be difficult to manage and look too heavy for the face.

Introducing See-Through Bangs 시스루 뱅, a very popular hairstyle trending on the fashion streets of Korea.

  • Adds longer layers at the outer edges, and shorter layers at the centre. This frames the face to give it definition and natural contour.
  • Layers are thin and see-through against the forehead, giving the look a breezy effortless feel.
  • This eyebrow-skimming fringe is also easy to manage everyday.

Try out this simple flattering hairstyle! A Fringe Perm can also be done to add natural volume.

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